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Tools & Advice To Manage Your Workforce.

Streamline your HR processes.

With the same login from benefits enrollment - you can manage all of your HR processes in one place.

HR PTO Directory

One Login

Increase Engagement

Stay Compliant

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Manage & Onboard With Ease

Sign forms and contracts - view policies - onboard to payroll.

No paper.

Onboarding syncs with benefits so employees only have to enter their information once. Create and send offer letters, store completed and e-signed W-4 and I-9 forms, and collect direct deposit information.

Time Off.

Simple to Request.

Easy to Manage.

  • Set up custom time-off policies.

  • Employees can log in and request time-off on the web or mobile app.

  • Employees can see how much vacation they have left and see their upcoming requests on a calendar.

  • Managers receive a notification for requests and can approve online.

  • Managers can view their team’s vacation on a calendar.

Time Off

Stay Compliant

Avoid Mistakes

Better Records

Do What is Best For Your Business & Your Team

Empower, and Lead Your Team

Powerful tools to bring your entire HR department online, synced with benefits.


Managing HR online makes it easy for you and employees to follow company polices.

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ACA Compliance

Stay compliant and avoid IRS penalties.

Measure and track variable hour employees and generate signature-ready IRS forms to ensure the coverage you offered meets IRS affordability guidelines.

ACA Compliance
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