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Payroll Integration

We integrate with top tier payroll providers so you can keep benefit deduction and demographic information in sync. Decrease duplicate data entry by setting up new employees in only one system.

Payroll Sync

No Double Entry

Stay Up to Date

Never Miss a Deduction

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Need a Better Solution?

Regardless of the size of your business, our payroll services can handle all of your company's payroll and payroll tax needs. Our services provide you with all of the tools needed to quickly and accurately run your business's payroll each pay period.  

More Than Great Tech

Customer Support and Service - When you Need it!

  • Little to no wait time on the phone

  • Team members who know your name and account

  • Personalized service to understand your needs

  • Efficient solutions for companies big and small

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Dedicated Transition Team

Trusted Service Team

People You Know

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Customer Average Hold Time : 7 Seconds!

You Have Important Things to Do-

Don't Waste Time Waiting.

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